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Upcoming Competitions

2022-23 - National Elevator Pitch Competition

Submissions               Oct 3 2022 - Oct 27 2022

 Judging                   Oct 27 2022 - Nov 14 2022

An elevator pitch is a quick and persuasive speech that creates   interest in a product, service, or business to a potential investor or   potential customer. The pitch is usually 30-60 seconds, within the   time that it would take for a short elevator ride. This competition   challenges VE students to make a convincing and engaging   elevator pitch to a potential angel investor in 60 seconds or less.

2022-23 - National Company Branding Competition

Submissions               Nov 01 2022 - Dec 01 2022

 Judging                     Dec 02 2022 - Dec 19 2022


An effective brand will be memorable, relevant to the company’s business, and consistently applied across all elements. A versatile logo is one that will look good when applied in different applications, such as brochures, websites, or promotional pens. This competition challenges VE students to demonstrate their company branding through the submission of a branding package.
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