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Period 2 (November 2022 - December 2022)

Cutoff for the period is December 31, 2022

Maximum Points for the Period = 16

  • Participated in at least one trade show (Regional or National in Nov/Dec)

  • Participated in the National Company Branding Competition

  • Submitted the Executive Summary for the Business Plan Competition

  • Processed at least one Payroll (Nov/Dec)

  • Processed at least one Rent payment (Nov/Dec)

  • Processed at least one Utilities payment (Nov/Dec)

  • Evidence of student transactions (purchases made from student accounts)

  • Evidence of QuickBooks account setup

  • Loan Application and/or Angel Investors and/or Bank Balance of $150,000 or more

  • Participated in the Fall D4D Competition

  • Submitted the 941 Withholding Payroll Tax Form (Nov/Dec)

  • Processed the 941 Remittance payment (Nov/Dec)

  • Developed a Risk Management plan

  • Established a Corporate Social Responsibility policy

  • Proof of purchased merchandise to sell or purchase of supplies to make products

  • Processed payment for General Liability or Workers Compensation insurance

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